Tourism and Preschool

The aim of the project is to give to preschools an incentive to explore, discover and experience the local area in which they operate and its wider surroundings. By doing so, we can fulfil the goals of the homeland, civic, sports and ecological education. The main focus of the project lies in:

  • knowing the local area and its features,
  • finding out good ways to spend one's leisure time,
  • the importance of a clean and welcoming environment in which we live.

This is a state project led by the Slovenian Tourist Association and The Slovenian Preschool Community titled “Playing into the tourism” (Z igro do prvih turističnih korakov). See more content about the project here (only in Slovenian).

Coordinator: Mojca Laznik



Vrtec Pedenjped Ljubljana
(Pedenjped Preschool)
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