Health at Preschool

The project is supported by The Institute of Public Health and is intended for all who are included in the preschool daily routine (children, parents, and staff). By selecting the contents of this project, we wish to promote general healthy choices and in turn healthy lifestyle. This includes promoting an active lifestyle, healthy diet, developing healthy relationships, the prevention of spreading infectious diseases, removing unhealthy habits, preventing burnout in the workplace, as well as preventive measures for the health of teeth, and health education.

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The preschool represents and forms a healthy and safe environment that affects the health of the entire population. (ZZV)

Long term project objectives:

  • Raising the awareness of risk factors;
  • Developing positive health habits;
  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Read more about the project and see the projects and reports in Slovenian here.

Coordinator: Mojca Laznik



Vrtec Pedenjped Ljubljana
(Pedenjped Preschool)
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