A preschool is an institution whose task is to actively facilitate the exercise of fundamental children’s rights.
In democratic states, these rights are represented by children’s parents or their legal representatives.

An equal opportunity to achieve an optimal development is provided by the state to all children who attend public preschools, irrespective of their sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, and physical or mental disability. This optimal development also includes a chance to specifically develop certain areas of interest.

It is impossible to ensure equal opportunities without respecting every child and their right to chose to be different – this right must be taken into account when organising the preschool life and work. Our education thus focuses on teaching children to be tolerant and responsible and on gradually developing their critical thinking, decision-making process, and uninfluenced judgement. We protect children from any violence – physical or psychological; done by their peers or adults. We will always inform the responsible person or institution in case of any suspicion of child abuse or neglect. Public preschools’ philosophical approach is neutral and unbiased.


  • the insight into the work programmes for children (curriculum);
  • being informed about life and work at the preschool;
  • the protection of their privacy with the emphasis on the protection of personal information;
  • a gradual introduction of a child into the preschool;
  • acquire relevant information about the child's well-being, development, progress, etc.;
  • the participation in planning and organizing life and work at the preschool and in their child's section. At the same time, parents must respect the boundaries of their participation and may not interfere with the professional autonomy of the preschool.



In line with article 32 of the Exercise of Rights from Public Funds Act (ZUPJS), the right to a reduced payment for the preschool shall take effect on the first day of the next month after lodging the Application for exercising the right from public funds (Vloga za uveljavljanje pravic iz javnih sredstev) with the competent Social Work Centre. Parents should lodge this application in a timely manner but no sooner than 30 days before their child will start visiting the preschool as defined in their contract.

According to the law, the application shall be lodged with the locally competent Social Work Centre in person, by registered mail or electronically via the official e-administration portal. In order to acquire the right to reduced payment or payment exemption, parents must inform the Social Work Centre about any change in a timely manner (e.g. application of the second or any further child). In all other cases, the preschool shall charge the amount of 77 % of the regular programme price. Parents, who have 2 or more children included in the preschool programme – according to the Fiscal Balance Act (ZUJF) – pay 30 % of the reduced amount and are exempt of payment for every further child.

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The validity of the Social Work Centre decision is not bound to the duration of a school year. We remind parents to pay close attention to the date of validity of these decisions. Namely, before the date of validity of such a decision, parents should lodge a new application with the competent Social Work Centre for the renewal of the right to receive benefits from public funds. Parents, who will not apply for reduced payment of the preschool (and are liable for the income tax in the Republic of Slovenia), will be invoiced by the preschool in the amount of the highest income group according to the scale (77 %). Parents shall pay the fee for the execution of the programme by the means of a payment order which they will receive at their child’s section. In case of a late payment (2 months) of due obligations, the preschool will lodge an application for enforcement with the competent court of justice.

All costs of the enrichment programmes performed by the teaching staff (excursions, theatre visits, entrance fees, additional educational materials etc.) will be included in the same payment order as the amount of the regular preschool programme. The amount to be paid for a regular programme shall be reduced accordingly for the period in which a child did not attend the preschool programme in the amount of the unused resources. Such a reduction in the amount of the unused resources will come into effect on the following day if parents inform the preschool staff of the child’s absence until 9 AM on the first day of the absence. The duration of the programme is the maximum of 9 hours – the children should not stay in the preschool any longer than that.


  • Parents should read the Rules on the safety of children which they can find in the Parents’ corner.
  • A child may only enter and exit the preschool premises in the company of an adult person. Exceptionally, the person accompanying a child may be their sibling (10 years old or more).
  • Only parents may take their child from a preschool. Other persons of age are only allowed to do so exceptionally and with written authorisation by a child's parents.
  • Parents must inform the teaching staff when their child will arrive at and leave the preschool.
  • Parents should dress their child appropriately and not merely for a good appearance. Choose such clothes and footwear in which your child will be safe, comfortable, relaxed, and will generally feel good.
  • No objects which may endanger children’s safety or health may be brought to the preschool. For safety reasons, we also advise you not to bring to the preschool any valuable objects or jewellery.
  • Upon agreement with the teaching staff, children may bring own toys to the preschool but the preschool or its staff shall bear no responsibility for any damage whatsoever.


Parents should only bring a healthy child to the preschool since a sick child does not feel well in a preschool and can be a health risk for other children. If a child gets sick, parents shall notify the preschool staff about the nature of the sickness.

Parents are required to provide the child’s teacher with the information about their availability during the child’s stay at the preschool (address, work or home phone number) so that they can be reached in case if: the child gets sick or injured (if there is any kind of indication that the child is ill, e.g. if a child gets fever, vomits, has pain, diarrhoea, or if the child behaves unusually – e.g. has cramps, is unconscious, etc.), or if any kind of surgery or other medical intervention is required.




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