Preschool Nutrition

You can see daily menus in Slovenian language here.

We offer our preschool children well-balanced nutrition in accordance with the standards and norms for the nutrition of preschool children, guidelines for healthy eating, the general practice of menu preparation in educational institutions, and instructions and recommendations of relevant external professional institutions.
We prepare the menus within the Nutrition Commission, of which the members are: Heads of the two central kitchens, two pedagogical workers, and the Nutrition and medical hygiene regime organizer.

The menus include various foods from all food groups. The menu is uniform for all children and is only partially adjusted for the youngest children – for children up to the age of 2 years (food consistency, certain foods are less suitable for their age – e.g. meat products...). Weekly menus are regularly displayed on notice boards for parents and can also be viewed on the website of the kindergarten.

We prepare daily fresh dishes. We mainly use basic ingredients and do not use pre-prepared products. We use only natural spices without artificial additives, we bake desserts ourselves and often prepare home-made fruit, vegetable, and other types of spreads. Several times a week, we offer bread without any additives, and about once a month also organic milk. We try to use as many organic ingredients as possible, unfortunately, this is not yet always possible due to our financial situation. We believe that in the future, progress will be made in this area as well.

We are aware of the fact that healthy diet habits acquired in childhood are important for the entire life. That is why we are trying to make them attractive to children by regularly including such contents in our education programme.


Preschool nutrition is unified, different diet is only offered to children with special nutrition requirements. In such cases, the parents must provide the preschool teacher with the appropriate medical certificate of the child's physician – a paediatrician or an allergy specialist. The certificate must include all the necessary information to allow the preschool to provide the child with adequate dietary nutrition (a type of diet, prohibited foods, allowed foods, appropriate substitutes, etc.).

We do not offer any other form of alternative nutrition or special forms of diet for religious or other reasons since spatial, personnel and other relevant conditions do not allow us to do so. In addition, the opinion of the public health professionals is that children require mixed nutrition for their growth and development and that various alternative forms of nutrition can not meet the nutritional needs of the child and are unacceptable during this period.

Vesna Završan,
Nutrition and medical
hygiene regime organizer




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