Life at Preschool

Our Vision

The goal of the Preschool Pedenjped is to give children optimal conditions to develop their potentials and freely express their ideas, knowledge, skills, creativity; a place where they can develop their critical thinking and become responsible individuals of our society.


The core of our values lies in being sensible towards other people, nature, and society at large. With our actions and our positive relationships, we would like to make a world around us a better place. We wish our preschool children to have a diverse childhood while growing their responsibility towards society.

Each Preschool Unit plans their curriculum by following an individual goal while considering the national program – The Curriculum for Preschool Institutions – and following these principles:

  • Matic 5 letAllowing children to act as individuals by giving them an option to choose;
  • Creating conditions in which children can express themselves and where they can recognise and accept differences;
  • Considering and appreciating the privacy and intimacy of children;
  • Being attentive to children's interaction between themselves as well as between children and adults;
  • Offering diverse and balanced range activities from various fields;
  • Critically evaluating our planning, organisation, and work;
  • Integrating parents as equal partners.

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In line with the Preschool Institutions Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 12/96 and 78/2003) and the Decision on the founding of the public educational institution for preschool education Vrtec Pedenjped - “Preschool Pedenjped” (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 27/04), the Preschool Pedenjped is planning the preschool education and care based on lifelong and social needs of children, their physical and psychological capabilities, the needs of their families and their environment.



breakfast 8:15-8:30
lunch 11:30-12:30
aft. snack after 14:45
See the menus here (only in Slovenian).

The Preschool Pedenjped offers a daily programme which lasts 9 hours while the opening time of the preschool is 11 hours. Considering the objective situations of parents, opening time can be changed as necessary. The Preschool Pedenjped will operate continuously throughout the year on every working day.

Sleep and rest are coordinated with the needs of a child.

The work in each preschool unit is flexible depending on the time when children arrive at the unit and when they leave (i.e. depending on the parents’ needs).

preslednica lezece


Preschool Programme in Summer Months And Before Holidays

In order to be able to organise our work as efficiently as possible as well as to make rational decisions when purchasing ingredients for meals, a pool will be conducted with parents to establish the approximate number of children present in the preschool units before, during, and after holidays. It is, therefore, possible that work will only be organised in certain units during holidays and school breaks, i.e. during summer and autumn breaks, Christmas and New Year's time, and the 1st May break. If the number of children visiting the preschool will be smaller, the daycare will only take place in the Pedenjcarstvo Unit.

During summer school break, children from units Pedenjškrat and Potepuh will be hosted by the Učenjak Unit in Zadvor.

Parents will be notified about the hosting in another unit via notifications on the notice boards and at the entries in the preschool units. If any unit will need renovation, children will be accordingly allocated to appropriate facilities during the renovation works.




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