Cooperation With Parents


That is why there are many ways parents can cooperate with the preschool and co-create our every-day activities. We expect parents to be engaged in their child’s preschool life and to monitor their development.

These are some of the ways parents can cooperate with preschool:

  • Parent representatives – one from each class – take part in the Parent Council,
  • parent representatives also take part in the Preschool Pedenjped Council,
  • parents should actively seek information by reading the messages posted in the ‘Parents’ corner’ and the ‘Healthcare corner’,
  • parents regularly take part in parental meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and informal discussions with the teaching staff (throughout the entire school year),
  • parents can attend the School for parents which consists of lectures, workshops, discussions with renowned experts on current preschool education and development,
  • parents can take part in round tables (on current topics suggested by parents and teaching staff).


Parents can offer their help at:

  • Trips and sports activities, celebrations, and events,
  • visits to the parents’ workplace,
  • organising transportation, sightseeing,
  • gathering teaching materials and useful waste material,
  • environmental activities,
  • enrichment programme activities.


There are also many other ways to cooperate with the preschool. Parents are very welcome to regularly submit their suggestions, initiatives and comments to their child’s teaching staff. Parents can also share your ideas and wishes to the Parent representative who regularly attends Parent Council meetings or the Preschool Council.starsi



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