Goals of the Preschool Education

The basic goals and tasks of the preschool education are defined by the Preschool Institutions Act:

  • Developing the ability to understand and accept oneself and others;
  • Developing the ability to communicate, taking into account diversity, and engaging in groups;
  • Developing the ability to recognize emotions and promoting emotional experience and the expression of emotions;
  • Cultivating curiosity, child’s wish to discover, imagination, intuition, and promoting independent thinking;
  • Supporting language development for the efficient and creative use of speech, and later also of reading and writing;
  • Promoting artistic experience and expression;
  • Supporting the development of various motor and other skills;
  • Transferring knowledge from different fields of science and everyday life;
  • Promoting the development of autonomy in hygienic habits and in the care of health.


In addition to curricular guidelines, we also want to achieve the following goals:

  • Developing and using methods for the active teaching of children;
  • Quality planning and implementation of outdoor activities;
  • Planning and implementation of motor activities;
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  • Supporting the development of communication skills with children and adults;
  • Promoting a culture of peace and non-violence, as well as intercultural dialogue.
  • Taking care of one's own health and our common home – the planet Earth – by promoting sustainable development;
  • Participating in local events and represent examples of good practice to the general public;
  • Early English classes for children from 5 to 6 years.





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